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Winter care for skin prone to pimple and pimple marks

Extremely dry climate – whether it is hot or cold, can cause damage to your skin. However, winter can be particularly tough on your skin due to the dry and chilly wind, making your skin flaky. Your usual skincare regime will need to be tweaked a little to suit the requirements of your skin during dry climate.

Here are a few skincare tips that you can follow to avoid excessive dryness of your skin:

1. Consume a lot of liquids!

Did you know that one of the most common reasons for breakouts during winter is dehydration? Well, now that you know, make sure that you keep drinking enough water, juices or green teas, even during winter. Also, eat foods that are high in water content such as apples, oranges, tomatoes, celery, zucchini, cucumbers and carrots.
This will keep your body hydrated and will contribute to adding a healthy glow to your skin.

2. Keep your skin clean.

Not washing your face at least three times a day is like asking for trouble when it comes to acne and breakouts. So keeping the pores of your skin clean is an important step in preventing pimples. Even during winters, you want to keep your skin clean without letting it dry out. Always ensure that you begin your day by washing your skin with a gentle face wash that won’t take away your skin’s natural moisture. Since Bajaj Nomarks Face Wash is ‘soap free’, it doesn’t take the moisture away from your face.

Who doesn’t love hot showers during winters? However, when it comes to washing your face, make sure you use lukewarm water in order to avoid stripping your skin of its naturally secreted oils, which keep it moisturized.
While pollution is an unavoidable part of modern city life, there is a solution to prevent pollution from causing damage to your skin – a proper skincare regime.

3. Moisturise!

Dryness does cause pimples for some skin types. So your next step needs to be moisturising your skin while it is still a little damp. This helps lock in the moisture. After a facewash, make sure to apply your favourite moisturiser liberally.

Some over-the-counter products that are used as moisturisers may contain petroleum-based ingredients that could cause your skin to dry even further. Chemical ingredients such as parabens, artificial fragrances could cause serious reactions to your skin. So, be smart about picking up a moisturiser with naturally occurring ingredients such as turmeric, aloe vera, or neem extracts that are natural and nourishing.

4. Exfoliate regularly.

Scrubbing your skin once every week is more than enough. During winters, you might want to reduce that to once every two weeks just to be on the safe side. But don’t remove scrubbing your skin from your skincare regime completely.

Use a scrub with natural and Ayurvedic ingredients such as Bajaj Nomarks Exfoliating Scrub to avoid any side effects and skin damage.

5. Protect your skin from the sun!

The sun’s harmful rays can cause potential harm to your skin. So, make sure that you are using a sunscreen even during winter!

To conclude, your skin requires extra love, care and attention from you during winters, especially if you have dry skin. This means that you must make sure that you are consuming a diet that includes legumes and pulses, green leafy vegetables, fruits, fish and meat (if you are a non-vegetarian), if you are a vegetarian make sure you find a healthier alternative source of protein. All in all, you need to eat right, get enough sleep and drink the right amount of water.

So go ahead and enjoy your winter and make sure you keep your winter skincare kit close!

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