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The 10 Most Amazing Facts about Skin

We take a lot of care of our facial skin; after all, it is the most integral part of our appearance! But how much do we really know about the skin and what triggers the various anomalies that affect facial skin.

The skin is composed of three layers:

  • The top layer ‘Epidermis’ acts as a barrier against the harsh environmental conditions and pollution.
  • The second layer, ‘Dermis’ is primarily composed of collagen, which provides shape and strength, and elastin fibres for elasticity and support. Dermis is also where the pimples form. Pimples severely damage this layer of the skin hampering the healing process and leave pimple marks.
  • The third layer, ‘Subcutaneous Tissue’ is the bottom layer that connects the skin to the body. This is where the fat is stored and provides a sort of cushioning to the body for extra protection. It also facilitates the nerves from the body to connect with the skin tissue.

Read on to know some more interesting facts about the skin:

Fact #1: The skin is the largest organ in the body spreading up to 20 ft.

This also means your skin needs most care against exposure to dust, sun, pollution and bacteria. A good skin care routine should involve maintenance, repair and prevention.

Fact #2: Melanin pigments determine the skin tone, making dark spots & marks more pronounced

The skin gets its colour from the protective melanin pigment, which is present in the skin. These skin cells are vulnerable to external damage due to harmful rays of the sun, leaving you with breakouts and inflammation.

Fact #3: Caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol can age you faster

Skin appearance is affected by diet. Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol restrict blood flow and nutrients to skin, making it duller and older looking.

Fact #4: The skin is a natural thermostat

Your skin detects changes in the temperature and regulates the body temperature by making pores larger or smaller and activating sweat glands to cool the body. Keeping pores clean and free from excess oil and blockages is necessary.

Fact #5: Your skin sheds thousands of skin cells each minute

The dead skin cells from the top skin layer are shed continuously, leading to the complete skin layer being regenerated over a period of 28 days. Exfoliating the skin regularly prevents the trapping of dead skin cells into the pores, pimples and scarring on the facial skin and helps the skin look fresh and glowing. Use a good exfoliating scrub like Bajaj Nomarks Exfoliating Scrub twice a week.

Fact #6: Your skin is waterproof!

You can swim in an ocean and still nothing will pass through your skin due to the waterproof Lipid layer. Lipids help body retain moisture and prevent it from drying up in the sun like a raisin. Chemicals in the cosmetic skin care products can cause damage to Lipids. Always choose herbal skin care options with Ayurvedic ingredients such as the Bajaj Nomarks facewash range for maintaining a naturally glowing skin.

Fact #7: Skin reflects a lot about health of your internal organs

According to Ayurveda, most skin ailments have their origin in the dysfunction of one or more internal organs. Observing these issues can indicate where the problem lies. For instance, the appearance of itchy rashes, boils or pimples on the skin can indicate toxins accumulated in the large intestine.

Fact #8: Injured/ Damaged skin is susceptible to dark spots

Excess pigmentation after inflammation due to injury causes Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). Hence, for marks to be cured, it is important to heal not just the visible pigmentation of marks but also repair damaged collagen tissues to bring the skin back to its normal state.

Fact #9: The skin is home to millions of bacteria

Not all bacteria that live on the skin are harmful and they live off the dead skin cells and excess sebum produced in the skin glands. However, some of the bacteria can aggravate immune responses which result in red, swollen bumps that can develop into pimples. Make sure you cleanse your face with a good face wash, like the Bajaj Nomarks Facewash twice a day.

Fact #10: Higher SPF is not the only consideration in sun protection cream

Only high SPF may not protect you from UV rays exposure if not applied properly. For full protection, Apply sunscreen 15-20 minutes before exposure and in adequate quantity (Ideally a coin size dollop on the face alone). Re-apply after every 2-3 hrs to maintain original protection.

Hope you found these facts about the skin informative. Understanding your skin is the first step towards taking good care of your skin’s requirements.

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