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Natural skincare products vs. chemical products

In recent years, the skincare industry has increasingly opted to go the organic way, and much rather prefers natural ingredients over chemical ones.

Natural/Ayurvedic products?

1. Ayurvedic products help reduce stress caused due to hectic lifestyle, dirt, dust and pollution

2. In ancient civilizations, grape and pomegranate were used to color lips; milk and honey to remove marks and for clear skin.

3. Natural product-based creams create a moisturizing and protective layer on your skin, while also containing adequate quantities of essential oils.

4. Natural products are certainly beneficial, but only if the correct ingredients are used and treated in the right way.

5. Using natural products and drinking sufficient quantities of water can help cleanse your body from the inside and help you detox.

Chemical products

1. All substances (including water and oxygen!) can be considered chemicals, but the definition is restricted to refer to lab-processed compounds.

2. Chemical products can harm your skin and strip it off its natural oils if used in excess.

3. Chemicals like hydroquinone found in many creams in the market, can harm the skin.

4. Hydroquinone increases the production of Melanin, which leaves your skin exposed to the sun and can lead to dryness, itchiness and scarring.

5. Hydroquinone leads to peeling of skin, which leaves the skin weak and leads to premature ageing.

6. Not all chemicals are bad, but they need to be carefully selected, monitored, and used properly.

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