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How does skin stress lead to pimples and acne?

Stress affects us in strange ways. You may be stressed out because you need to plan your wedding or there is way too much workload and stress on you. One of the many fallouts of stress is acne.

Once you figure out how stress can cause acne, it’s easier to keep it at bay. Here are some major causes:

Dust and Pollution

Daily commuting exposes the skin to a great deal of pollution, which can cause dirt and unwanted materials to get deposited on your skin. These impurities block the pores, making it difficult for the skin to remove toxins from the body. A build-up of these impurities leads to acne, pimples dark spots and other damaging marks.


Blood vessels get dilated as your stress levels rise, resulting in rosacea – a condition where your face appears flushed due to inflammation of the underlying\ blood vessels. This makes the face appear to have acne, and if you happen to pick at it, you only aggravate the situation.

Hectic Lifestyle and Lack of sleep

That all-important project deadline, continuous calls from work and even the amount of travel can cause stress and therefore lack of sleep. Lack of sleep triggers release of cortisol, which in turn enhances secretion of sebum, resulting in acne. It also makes you resistant to insulin, causing your blood sugar level to shoot up. High blood sugar is one of the major causes of acne.
Stress at work can cause excessive hormone secretion which leads to sweating and inflammation. This is also one of the major reasons of acne.

Bad diet
All parents nag their teens to stay off junk food. While junk food in itself does not cause acne, what does trigger it are dairy products and excessively sugary foods. When you are stressed out, you tend to gorge on chocolate – a known stress reliever. In the process you consume large amounts of sugar, which can lead to acne.

A vicious circle
Stress has been recognized as a major cause of acne. The immediate cause, however, is a build-up of sebum that can block your pores. When this happens, your skin begins to itch. As you scratch or rub the affected area, you add to the build-up and introduce bacteria into the site, causing further itching. The cycle continues; the more you pick at your skin, the worse the problem becomes.

Acne is the arch-enemy of teens and the nemesis of older women. It leaves behind horrible marks which can cause a loss of confidence and affect your work.

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