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Face Marks and How to Remove Them From Your Face – Wisdom of Ayurveda

Dr. Prashanth, our Ayurvedic expert, shares the Ayurvedic wisdom on removing blemishes and black spots from the face.

The reason for marks

Every woman dreams to have a beautiful, blemish free face. Facial skin is sensitive and the lack of care causes appearance of marks. Ayurveda advocates the Tridosha theory, which stipulates that every disease is caused by the imbalance or vitiation of either of the doshas i.e.vata, pitta or kapha. The discoloration of the skin in the facial region can be due to imbalance of either of the doshas, due to impure rakta (blood) or by external factors like sunrays, krimi (insect bite) or climatic conditions.

Improper food and lack of agni (metabolic factor) are also the prominent causes for the occurrence of such imbalances.

How to identify the imbalance dosha?

Before treatment it is important to know which dosha is vitiated. Each dosha reflects its own features in the skin. If vata dosha is vitiated, it will give rise to blackish discoloration of the skin, which is often accompanied with dryness. Disturbed pitta dosha and rakta will give rise to reddish discoloration of the skin along with slight burning sensation. Vitiated kapha dosha will lead to whitish discoloration associated with itching sensation and watery discharge.

Once the imbalanced dosha is identified, it is important that it is brought back to its samyaavastha (normal state) by prescribing herbs or medicines which can control them and also regulate the metabolic factor.

In Ayurveda, herbs are used in different forms such as lepa (paste or external application), kashaya (decoction), choorna (powder) etc. for treating skin diseases. Each individual herb has a property of increasing or decreasing a dosha. Hence, the selection of the herb or formulation depends upon the vitiated dosha.

How to remove marks from face using Ayurveda

Ayurveda has a vast array of home remedies and medicines dedicated towards the improvement of skin tone and removal of marks.

  1. Detox for blemishes

    Since improving the quality of blood is of prime importance, blood purifiers in the form of a herbal decoction of manjishta (Rubiacordifolia), haridra, (Turmeric), saffron, aloe vera, guduchi (Tinosporacordifolia) is recommended for maintaining the quality of blood.

  2. Natural cream for black spots

    Applying milk cream over the marks before bedtime helps in reducing the intensity and darkness of the marks. The snigdhaguna (slimy nature) of the cream will overcome the vatadosha.

    Also, paste prepared using kamala (Lotus), raktachandana (Red sandalwood), tender coconut can be applied for similar results.

    To remove any black spots and marks on the face, regularly apply a facepack for 1 hour comprising of a paste of sandalwood powder, turmeric, aloe vera, saffron, manjishta along with the tender buds of banyan tree and rubbed with milk or milk cream.

  3. Treating discolouration due to inflammation

    To treat discoloration due to pitta dosha, applying the paste prepared from turmeric and fresh leaves of neem can be of great help. Also, paste of sandalwood, manjishta and butter have the same effect.

  4. Therapy for discoloration

    In conditions of imbalanced kapha dosha, application of Bengal gram can bring down the oiliness of the skin. Paste of kumkum, tender buds of banyan tree, lodhra (Symplocosracemosa) is to be applied over the affected part.

  5. Regular face cleansing

    Regular cleansing of the face with clean water or water added with few drops of eucalyptus oil, jasmine oil or rose oil can help rejuvenate the facial skin and give a healthy glow.

Good habits for healthy skin

Regular consumption of food in time (niyamitaaharasevana), good sleep (sukhanidra) are the supporting factors for a good and healthy skin and so is a solid skin care regime.

Simple herbal remedies prescribed in Ayurveda can be prepared at home to remove the marks from the facial skin and give you that glowing, beautiful face.

But since time is short in the contemporary busy life style and all the herbs may not be available simultaneously at home, the preparation of the herbal remedies can be difficult. In such a case you can opt for natural skin care products. Using a good Ayurvedic face wash in the morning before leaving the house and in the evening immediately after you return, will help you prevent marks due to dirt, dust and pollution.

Also, in addition to the above you can opt for Ayurvedic marks removal creams like Bajaj Nomarks that use Ayurvedic ingredients in their formulation to cure facial marks.

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