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Ayurvedic Ingredients in Nomarks Ayurvedic Antimarks Cream That Benefit Your Skin

Our lifestyle, plus external factors such as dirt, dust, and pollution, can lead to the appearance of dark spots and blemishes on the skin.

Bajaj Nomarks is an Ayurvedic anti-marks cream that is especially suited for those who have dark spots, blemishes and pimple marks.

It is also ideal for those who don’t have marks as it helps prevent their occurrence.

With natural ingredients like turmeric, calendula, neem, and aloe vera – Bajaj Nomarks Ayurvedic Anti-marks cream starts working on marks from day one and offers numerous benefits.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties are great for calming the skin, cleaning out pores, correcting acne marks, and reducing scarring.

2. Calendula
Calendula’s antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities can help speed up the healing of wounds and minor cuts. It can also help relieve acne.

3. Neem
Neem’s anti- bacterial properties can help prevent marks occurring due to skin stress. Using it regularly can clear your skin of acne, scars, pigmentation, and blackheads.

4. Aloe vera

Aloe vera helps facilitate collagen-building to repair blemishes on the skin. Want to reduce skin inflammation? Aloe vera is your best friend. It can also soften the skin without clogging pores.

5. Lemon
Lemon has anti-bacterial properties which reduce the outbreak of acne and also cleanses your pores, making your skin look clean. With a combination of these four powerful natural healing ingredients, Bajaj Nomarks Ayurvedic cream comes in variants for all three skin types: oily, dry, and normal. So, go on, buy the cream for your skin type and flaunt that flawless skin!

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