Bajaj Nomarks Ayurvedic Antimarks Dry Face Pack
Bajaj Nomarks Ayurvedic Antimarks Dry Face Pack


Bajaj Nomarks Ayurvedic Antimarks Dry Face Pack

Helps in effective removal of marks

Your environment and busy schedule can cause skin stress which appears in the form of pimple marks, dark spots and blemishes. The right face pack for you will help reduce the accumulation of impurities on skin, resulting in deep cleansing.

Bajaj Nomarks Ayurvedic Antimarks Dry Face Pack extracts the power of potent Ayurvedic ingredients and helps cure marks from the root of the problem through 2 steps of the advanced 4 step MARK REDUCTION ACTION –

Step 1 : Soothing

The Bajaj Antimarks Dry Face Pack contains Multani Mitti that absorbs excess oil and is known to cool down and soothe skin.

Step 2 : Prevention

This antimarks face pack contains Manjistha which is known to have anti-bacterial properties that help prevent further marks on skin.

SKU : 25g

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of Bajaj Nomarks Antimarks Dry Face Pack with water/gulabjal (rose water) to make a smooth paste.
  • Apply a thick layer of the paste evenly on a clean face and neck, avoiding eye area.
  • Allow it to dry and then rinse off with water.
  • For best results, follow it up with Bajaj Nomarks Ayurvedic Antimarks Cream.

SKU : 25g

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