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Advantages of Natural Anti-Marks Creams Over Chemical-Based Creams

Marks are an unwanted by-product of today’s hectic lifestyle and polluted environment. Most women use artificial skin lighteners routinely to remove unwanted marks on the skin, even at the cost of their skin’s health. Today the market is flooded with a number of skincare products claiming to work wonders on the skin in a short period of time. However, continued exposure to some of these chemical products can prove to be harmful and even fatal to the skin. It is important to understand which product suits your skin and choose only those products which contain natural ingredients and do not pose any side effects.

Chemical-based products Vs Nature-based products

Based on their active ingredients, skincare products can be categorized as chemical-based or nature-based products. Given a choice between a chemical-based product and its herbal counterpart which gives you the same benefit, which one would you choose?

Today, many companies are taking the Ayurveda route and coming up with more natural ingredients based skincare products for effective marks and dark spot treatment.

It may be difficult and confusing to select the right Ayurvedic product when you are subject to so many misleading advertisements which entice you into buying products that not only make your skin dependent on them but also causes it to lose its luster over a period of time. But by understanding the advantages of natural products and following a good skincare routine, you can not only heal and protect your skin but also give it a glowing complexion.

Why Choose Natural Over Chemical?

Chemical-based creams only deal with symptoms and not the problem. Most chemical based creams available in the market today work on controlling melanin production to lighten marks instead of repairing and healing the damage causing marks. Without repairing the marks on the skin, pigmentation in and around the scarred area will persist.

Immediate but short-lived benefits of chemical-based creams

While the chemical-based creams tend to show benefits immediately, their effects are short-term. In order to lighten the skin, the chemicals contained in these products bleach the skin and penetrate the skin pores resulting in the reduction of melanin content of the skin, giving you a fair complexion but only for a short time whereas natural products help regulate melanin secretion to lighten the dark spots.

Chemical-based creams make your skin dependent on topical solutions

The use of these chemical-based creams causes the skin to become dependent on the product. This exposes you to the harmful effects of long-term usage of the cream.

Chemical-based creams harm the skin in the long-term

Long-term use of chemical products has many side effects. For instance, Hydroquinone skin bleach, used to lighten dark patches, causes skin peeling, allergies, irritation and pigmentation on the skin. Chemicals present in these products can permanently impair the skin’s ability to heal. They subject the body to risks of developing various skin diseases and sensitivity to the sun. They can induce chemical reactions that may further damage the skin cells and make matters worse.

Proven benefits of natural products

Nature-based products have numerous benefits, which are not only mentioned in Ayurveda but also proven by many recent studies. Lemon, orange, sodium chloride (salt), charcoal powder, neem, emblica, aloe vera are some of the commonly used Ayurvedic ingredients in nature-based creams.

Nature-based products act on the root cause

Natural products are more effective in the long run, as they act on the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. The active ingredients present in the herbs give softness to the skin tone, restore the melanin content evenly, removes the toxins present under the skin pores and gives you a healthy glowing look. They may take longer to act but over a period of time your skin will be free of any unwanted marks and pimples and you will have that healthy, glowing skin without having to resort to chemical-based products. Plant-based products are safe and can be used regularly without causing any damage to the hormonal levels or to the skin and the underlying tissues.

Nature-based products contain plant extracts which have no side effects

The plant extracts contained in nature-based products can be easily absorbed by the body and do not pose any side-effects. These products can be used as long as required without causing any damage to the hormonal levels or to the skin and the underlying tissues.

Choose Wisely

Technically there may not be a completely chemical-free product in the market as some of the chemicals in a small quantity have to be used to give the desired texture and colour to the cream or lotion. But it is more important to check whether the active ingredients are synthetic/chemical based or nature-based and choose wisely. You can always choose between quick results with harmful adverse effects or a safe, nature-based product which can give the desired result in the long run without harming the skin and the body.

While using herbal products in their raw and pure form is the best option, there is the problem of time and availably of ingredients, most of which are seasonal. Hence, you can opt for products like Bajaj Nomarks cream which bring you the best options in the herbal and natural skincare segment. They can be easily incorporated in your daily routine for beautiful radiant skin.

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