A skin care routine guide for young women


A routine skincare guide for young women

Post your teens, your skin needs special care – just like everything else. Here’s a great daily routine that every young woman must follow.

Step-out-of-bed routine

As you sleep, your skin spews out all the toxins in your body leaving a layer of debris – so the first thing to do when you wake up is wash all this off. Using a mineral oil-based cleanser will make you feel refreshed.

Breakfast routine

Just as you follow up on your morning tea with a sumptuous breakfast, follow up on the mineral oil treatment with a water-based cleanser that will get rid of any leftover debris and leave your skin tingling fresh. Use something with a neutral pH level to avoid irritating your skin.

Off-to-work routine

After your bath, don’t forget to apply a toner liberally. It will not only balance the pH level but also protect your skin from oil and grime. Let the toner settle into your skin before applying serum for any specific problems you may have, such as acne or dark spots. You can use an anti-mark cream such as Nomarks, which has Ayurvedic ingredients, for a spotless complexion.

All-day protection

While the toner and serum will help protect your skin, you would do well to dab on some moisturizer to lock in the protective layer and prevent your skin from getting too dry in the sun. Depending on your skin type, you can use a cream-based or water-based moisturizer. Rub it in gently until it is absorbed.

Top-it-up routine

Now that you have ensured your skin is protected, top it up with a sunscreen to block harmful UV rays. Don’t forget to protect the skin under your eyes with eye cream. Then go ahead and apply your makeup before you step out.

Midday routine

If you are the type that wears heavy makeup, or if your job requires it, it may not be practical to remove all the makeup and start from scratch. In this case a simple touch-up after lunch will do the trick. If not, you should ideally cleanse your face and reapply the toner, moisturizer, and sunblock.

Back-home routine

This is something most of us ignore. When you get back home, the first thing most women do is chuck the bag and head to the kitchen. Before you do that, remember to get rid of your makeup and cleanse your skin to get rid of all the dirt and build-up of the day. Use a water-based cleanser and then let your skin breathe for a while.

Head-to-bed routine

Before you hit the sack, remember to cleanse once again and remove the grime that would have resulted from being in the kitchen. Exfoliate – twice or thrice a week is good enough – before applying toner and moisturizer. Remember to apply Nomarks cream on all those spots and blemishes. Apply lip balm and eye cream under the eyes. Lie on your back for a while; it will let the toner and moisturizer do their job and give your back a rest as well.
As you enter your thirties, your responsibilities towards your family will only increase. While these cannot be discounted, it is equally important to care for yourself. Following this simple routine will allow you to easily maintain your skin health and put off ageing.



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