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5 Make-up Mistakes That Lead to Pimples and How to Fix Them

Kiran Khokar (PGFM, NIFT) is a Beauty Blogger and Entrepreneur of an online clothing brand ‘STYLOGUE’.
On 22 November 2017

Came back dead-tired from a party on Saturday night and fell asleep with your make-up on? No wonder, you woke up next morning with a dreadful pimple wickedly grinning at you… This is the story of our life, isn’t it? And not a very pleasant one at that!

Harmful chemicals in skincare products, an improper skincare routine and make-up application are some of the common reasons behind the occurrence of pimples. These make-up mistakes we make, knowingly or unknowingly, can lead to breakouts.

Here are 5 most common make-up mistakes we all make, but are a habit we all need to break!

  1. Not checking the label

    Remember this: Different skin types need different product formulas. If you have an oily skin which is prone to acne, then it is recommended that you only use products which are non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, oil-free and hypoallergenic.
    The worst nightmare you can give to your skin is oily, pore-clogging make-up.
    Solution: Even after hearing the most positive reviews from the beauty gurus and YouTubers, always look for product descriptions before making a purchase.

  2. Mixing skin care and make-up

    Application of your skincare products and your make-up at the same time or applying your make-up before your skincare product has had enough time to completely soak into the skin, is a sure-fire way to aggravate your skin. Result – clogged pores leading to a breakout.
    Solution: It is important to know that your skincare and make-up routine should be clearly defined as two seperate steps. Wait for at least 5 – 10 minutes after moisturising your skin to apply foundation.
    Take time for each step and your skin will thank you.

  3. Dirty make-up tools

    It is a no-brainer and one of the most common reasons to get a skin infection. Dirty make-up brushes can lead to severely damaged and acne-prone skin.
    Solution: Make sure to store your brushes and sponges in a separate pouch/box away from the rest of your make-up. Make sure you clean them regularly. You can use mild baby shampoos or brush cleaning shampoos which will keep your brushes clean and sanitized.

  4. Using make-up wipes

    You can use non-comedogenic make-up and still end up getting acne. It maybe possible that the cause is not your make-up but what you use to remove it. A make-up wipe only removes some of the make-up, dirt, oil, and debris that has accumulated throughout the day.
    Make-up wipes leave behind make-up residue on skin that can lead to acne and aggravate the problem of breakout and irritation.
    Solution: Always opt for a professional grade make-up remover, followed with a quality cleanser and face wash from Bajaj Nomarks’ range of Ayurvedic facewashes. You can select products based on your skin type. These products remove make-up efficiently and are risk-free as compared to their make-up wipe counterparts.

  5. Sleeping with make-up on

    This is one of the most common make-up mistakes! Sleeping with make-up on pushes dirt, oil and bacteria deep into your pores. This could lead to not just skin breakouts but also could cause skin flakiness, intensify the signs of premature aging, an increase in skin irritation and more.
    Solution: A few extra minutes to clean your face properly and it will be worth it. But in case you still wake up with a skin full of breakouts, don’t worry and don’t squeeze them at all. Use a cream like Bajaj Nomarks Antimarks Cream which I have personally tried and recommend! It will settle down the bump and will help in treating scars and marks caused by the pimples.

Hope these tips have helped you realise some common make-up mistakes we all make and steps that help take better care of our skin and prevent pimples and pimple marks.

Always remember a healthy skin is happy skin!

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