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5 Interesting Benefits of Neem

As natural medication goes, Azadirachta Indica or Margosa, better known to us as the beloved Neem tree, is one of the more important resources we have at our disposal. Neem has amazing benefits as a curative, preventive and healing solution for quite a few ailments.

We’ve listed some of the most beneficial uses of Neem leaves and other parts of the tree here. Don’t be afraid to try them out, after all, these have been tried and tested for over 2000 years.

1. Neem for skin

To start off with, Neem has proven to be a viable solution for dealing with acne, pimples and dark pigmentation. Of course, there’s so much more in this realm that showcase the amazing benefits of Neem leaves. For instance, companies like Bajaj Nomarks use it in some of their products like face washes and anti marks soaps. Neem uses for the skin also include those that deal with managing skin infections, preventing the reappearance of blackheads and even helps give you a clear, glowing complexion. Neem also helps to control excess oil for those of us with oily skin. When it comes to some of the more serious skin related issues, Neem comes to the rescue once again, lending its healing properties to those with Psoriasis and Eczema.

2. Neem for hair

Among the many benefits of Neem leaves and the other parts of the tree, it’s important to consider the tremendous help it can be for your hair. A regular soothing massage to your scalp with Neem oil can be extremely beneficial in multiple ways – it increases blood circulation while simultaneously reducing hair fall and enhancing hair growth; not to mention the overall relaxation that comes with the process. Furthermore, Neem’s many benefits for hair care include it’s prowess as an effective conditioner that also keeps your scalp healthy. Legend also has it that Neem can be used to treat baldness.

3. The benefits of Neem for healthcare

Neem has been used as a source of medication for centuries. This magnificent tree is infused with antibacterial and healing properties that can take on some serious health issues. If you’ve ever had Chicken Pox, a bath with Neem leaves was undoubtedly on the cards. Even with the rather strange odour, there’s no denying the relief and healing functions the leaves provide during this ailment. Some ‘recipes’ also include creating a paste from the leaves and applying it to affected areas. It’s also been known to help those suffering from small pox, Hepatitis B and even Malaria.

If you happen to be suffering from asthma, Neem could be your best friend. It’s been said, the amazing benefits of Neem can cure asthma when taken in the right form and in the right dosage. If that’s not enough to convince you, many diabetics (those who don’t depend on insulin) use Neem as a form of treatment.

4. Neem benefits and aromatherapy

The perfect recourse to dealing with a stressful day and to give yourself that sense of peace and calm is to try a little Neem-infused aromatherapy. In fact, some of the benefits of neem recommend using the oil extracted from the flowers in a diffuser with a little water that’s slightly heated. Companies also use Neem in the manufacture of massage oils, creams and astringents.

5. Various other uses for Neem

Neem has plenty of other uses aside from those mentioned above. From the extracts of neem seeds being used as drops (ointment) for the eyes and ears to helping your gums stay free of diseases while ensuring that your breath is always fresh, there’s so much it can do for you. And speaking of oral hygiene, using Neem twigs to brush your teeth can also prove beneficial in keeping them clean, white and cavity-free. Another worthwhile benefit of Neem leaves is the assistance in improving digestion.

Suffice to say, the amazing benefits of Neem are plenty. It’s easy to find and is a vital ingredient in quite a few of today’s medical, personal hygiene and other products.

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