5 Myths about Ayurvedic treatments that you must stop believing


5 Beauty myths you should stop believing right away!

  1. Myth: Applying sunscreen once, at the start of the day is enough
    Fact: Sunscreen should be applied every 3-4 hours to prevent sun damage
  2. Myth: Wearing makeup to sleep will not harm your skin
    Fact: Failing to remove makeup at the end of the day damages your skin
  3. Myth: You don’t need sunscreen during the winter
    Fact: Using lower SPF sunscreen could be enough, but don’t forego it!
  4. Myth: Applying sunscreen on your face is enough
    Fact: You need to apply sunscreen on all exposed body parts to prevent signs of ageing
  5. Myth: People with darker skin don’t need sunscreen
    Fact: Whatever your skin tone, you can still get sunburnt. So, sunscreen is a must

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