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Real-time attendance management Made Easy with our Online Attendance System

Using our Officenet Attendance Management System, employees can easily mark their attendance from anywhere. In today's work scenario, organizations might need to allow the workforce to work from remote locations or work from home.
Officenet software offers modular HR solutions and high scalability HR solutions for the growing demand of HR needs. We provide centralized time tracking and online attendance systems for mid and large enterprises having offices at multi-location as well.
Our easy time tracking attendance management software lets you auto calculate your team paydays, time offs, holidays and seamlessly integrates attendance, leave (vacation), and payroll making attendance processing effective.

Our Features

Record attendance from multiple sources

Our robust online attendance system captures real-time attendance data, from varied sources. This data is seamlessly integrated with our Officenet Payroll module.

attendance from the ESS portal

Employees can mark attendance on the employee portal itself without any need for time-tracking hardware-based devices.

Attendance from third-party hardware/biometric devices

Seamless integration with Officenet if you already have your existing bio- metric infrastructure an attendance hardware system, this gets synced with our software and captures all the swipes from the application supplied with your hardware.

Geo-Marking/ Geo Fencing based attendance tracking

Using Our flexible Officenet Mobile App employees can record attendance within the predefined coordinates set for your office or on-site client locations using the Geo-Mark feature.

Attendance Processing and Detailed Real-time reports

Our attendance management system processes attendance based on real-time attendance data and generates consolidated attendance reports and attendance muster generation at a click of a button.

Employee Portal with automated attendance updates

Comprehensive attendance information can be viewed by employees in a user-friendly calendar view on all devices, including mobiles
With automated attendance regularization, Employees can regularize their attendance easily, which will be notified to his/ her manager.

Easy Shift Management

With the help of our employee time attendance management system, a system can be created where shifts can be scheduled automatically based on the employee’s role and department. You can create multiple shifts and associated policies to create an attendance which is assigned to employees.

Comprehensive attendance configuration the way you want it with:

  •   Automatic daily attendance processing

  •   Absence alerts

  •   Attendance regularization workflow

  •   Month-end HR review and finalization

So if you're looking for that perfect attendance tracking solution for all your HR needs Officenet Attendance Management software simplifies end-to-end automation of tracking, managing, and scheduling employee hours.
All your organization’s attendance requirements are fulfilled with the best attendance management software & leave management software in Delhi NCR

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