About Bajaj Nomarks

Every woman desires spotless, beautiful skin - Bajaj Nomarks understands this better than most.

At Bajaj Nomarks, we are aware of how important healthy skin is; after all, that's the key to beautiful skin. Our products feature ayurvedic ingredients that are vital in the prevention of common skin related issues and marks caused by pimples, sunburn and pigmentation.

The ingredients are carefully sourced keeping in mind the unique nature of each Indian skin type. From Turmeric (for fairer skin) to Neem (anti-bacterial agent) and Sandalwood (soothes/ cools your skin); our products are enriched with everything you need to have spotless, glowing skin. Bajaj Nomarks prides itself on utilizing a natural and non-toxic approach to caring for your skin.

Live bedaag and let Bajaj Nomarks give you the confidence to take on the world.

Bajaj Nomarks skin care range includes Cream, Face Wash, Soap, Scrub and Face Pack and Sunscreen.

Nomarks as a brand has created history by being the youngest personal care brand as per ORG Nielson 2003. It has won the honour of being the most preferred brand for 5 continuous years. It has also won FMCG awards in the Marks and Scars Category for 5 consecutive years (2004-07), which is a commendable achievement for a brand so young and new.

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